Cosmo multi-unit recycling still on dispute rumours to the contrary

City of Saskatoon says rumours that multi-unit recycling has been postponed indefinitely are just that – rumours. File / Global News

SASKATOON – The City of Saskatoon is clarifying statements in the media and on social media that the Cosmo multi-unit recycling program has been put on hold indefinitely. The rumours began circulating after the provincial government announced it was adjusting the province-wide multi-materials recycling program (MMRP).

“Unfortunately, this information was inaccurate and has led to confusion in the community,” said Brenda Wallace, the director of environmental and corporate initiatives for the city.

“To be clear, Cosmo Industries will continue to collect recyclables from apartment and condo blue bins.”

Currently, municipal recycling programs are paid for by municipalities. MMRP, which comes into effect in 2015, is a cost-sharing program between businesses and municipalities to help cover collection and recycling costs of household packaging and paper materials.

The Saskatchewan government made adjustments to the MMRP after consulting with stakeholders. Some of those adjustments include exempting some small businesses from the program and giving other businesses a two-year exemption.

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The change may have funding implications on the city. Councillors had approved $167,000 spending from the reserve funds to cover the cost of the program for the remainder of 2014 until the MMRP kicked in.

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“The implications of the recent postponement of the MMRP are not yet known,” said Wallace. “The administration will bring options to city council once a financial impact is confirmed.”

City council approved the multi-unit recycling program at a monthly cost of $2.51 a month per unit based on the city receiving MMRP funds.

With files from Wendy Winiewski

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