Montreal Biodôme welcomes baby sloth

Newborn sloth at the Montréal Biodôme. Espacepourlavie Montréal

MONTREAL – The Biodôme‘s sloth family has just gotten a little bigger.

On Wednesday, December 17, a mother slot gave birth for the first time.

She emerged the next day with the newborn on her belly, a place where the baby will stay for the next year.

The Biodôme set up a camera in the family’s habitat to monitor the mother and child.

So far, it seems everyone is doing well.

The sex of the baby won’t be known until he or she reaches adulthood and can be scanned by veterinarians, which will be in about 18 months, as there are no external differences between male and female.

Since 2002, nine sloths have been born at the Biôdome.

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Check out the adorable video posted on Youtube by Espacepourlavie Montréal:

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