‘The best Christmas present’: two needy families given vehicles

VERNON – Two lucky families received big gifts Friday thanks to the generosity of two Vernon auto repair shops. Vernon Star Autobody and Manfred’s Autobody are giving away vehicles to those in need again this year. The repair shops presented two families with refurbished used vehicles Friday.

Holding her young son in her arms, recipient Ashley Stevenson was happy to talk about how getting the vehicle will help make things easier for her. She has been without a car since her vehicle was totaled in an accident.

“It’s huge. I can’t even explain. It means I can go get groceries when I need to and I can get to work,” says Stevenson. “I was planning to attend school in New Westminster in June and now I have a way to get there and get around.”

Stevenson surprised to get the phone call saying she was being given a car.

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“I literally got off the phone and started crying because I was just so overwhelmed. Like it is such a huge blessing for our family,” says Stevenson.

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Anyone can write in and nominate a family. For the auto repair shops choosing who received the vehicles was the most difficult part.

“It was hard this year. I think we went through about two boxes of tissues before we choose the final two families,” says Errol Thompson of Manfred’s Autobody.

The big gifts no doubt brightening the holiday season for two grateful families.

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