Santa Cop comes to Montreal

MONTREAL – In a bid to improve the public’s perception of Montreal police officers – or perhaps to simply spread the holiday spirit – one Montreal police officer is pulling over motorists and not giving them tickets.

Instead, the officer has been handing out crisp $100 bills.

Police spokesperson Ian Lafrenière told Global News that a good samaritan donated $5000 to a police officer to hand out to people in need.

The Montreal officer, now referred to as Santa Cop, has reportedly given out cash to at least fifty people.

Most of the recipients were driving run-down cars that looked to be in need of repair.

Santa Cop  also visited a shelter where he gave money to the homeless.

Police say the inspiration  for Santa Cop came from YouTube videos of Kansas City police handing out cash to strangers.

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While Global News requested an interview with Santa Cop, we were told that he prefers to remain anonymous.