Donated Air Miles points reuniting family facing difficult diagnosis

CALGARY- A charity is helping a woman diagnosed with stage-four cancer reunite with her sister for the holidays.

Cristle Jasken of Airdrie has a sister in the Yukon. Jasken says because of the distance and finances, she hasn’t been able to see her in years.

The single mother and her two children will fly to Whitehorse to spend some quality time with her sister Jenel and her family.

“It’ll be nice to reconnect and build a relationship and history so they remember,” said Jasken.

When Jasken was diagnosed with stage-four cancer , the Give A Mile  charity stepped in to help. The group provides donated Air Miles to people with terminal illnesses so they can see loved ones face to face.

“When we first gave flights away, I phone people and say ‘we have a flight’, there’d be a long pause and I would jump in and say ‘this is real, this is legitimate’,” said Kevin Crowe with Give A Mile. “Here’s this mom and her kids… to be able to pay that forward, it’s just huge.”

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Jasken says her family isn’t planning to visit any tourist spots or sights, she says she’s simply going to Whitehorse to be together with family.

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