POLL: What kind of present would you prefer from your boss this Christmas?

Credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images.
Credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images. Scott Barbour/Getty Images

“Tis the season for holiday giving, and when it comes to Christmas presents from your employer, most of us would prefer cold, hard cash.

According to an annual survey by CareerBuilder, 96 per cent of workers polled said they would choose a bonus over a holiday party.

And that’s just fine with many employers.

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Lynn Parker owns a landscaping business and says giving employees cash for the holidays is a better option for bosses as well.

“Sometimes those situations around those office parties are uncomfortable for everybody in the room,” says Parker. “There are the ones that drink too much, the ones that say the wrong thing.”

CareerBuilder says nearly three out of 10 employers plan to gives their employees a holiday bonus this year. More than a quarter are giving holiday gifts while almost half of employers are hosting a holiday party.

The survey also found 21 per cent of workers plan to buy holiday gifts for the people they work with.




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