Lydia the great white shark once again nearing Canada

Lydia, seen here, may be visiting Canada soon. Ocearch/R. Snow

TORONTO – She’s back.

Lydia, the great white shark tagged by research organization looks like she’s going to pay Canada another visit.

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Lydia is a 4-metre, 907-kg great white shark that was tagged off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla., in 2013. This past March, Lydia had travelled farther north and east than any other known great white.

Over the past month, Lydia has travelled from the shores of North Carolina to Grand Banks.

Lydia has clocked up quite the kilometres during her travels: To date, Lydia has travelled a total of almost 45,000 km.

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Where has Lydia been? Everywhere, it seems.

Lydia has become so popular, she even has her own Twitter account.

Researchers are tracking the sharks to better understand their migration habits and how sharks behave in the wild. More than 60 sharks have been tagged.

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Twice, Lydia visited Canada, once off the coast of Newfoundland in Placentia Bay and another time off Cape Race, Newfoundland.

To track Lydia, click here.

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