Corner Gas: The Movie world premiere in Saskatoon

Watch above: It’s the day fans of Dog River have been waiting for – the world premiere of Corner Gas: The Movie. Brett Butt and Lorne Cardinal are in Saskatoon where the film will be first shown before being released to the public on Dec. 3.

SASKATOON – It was the show that put Saskatchewan on the map, and on Dec. 3, the world will be back in Dog River for the last time.

“Corner gas ended up running in 26 or 27 countries, I can never remember if they include Canada in that,” said Brent Butt on Global Saskatoon’s Morning News.

“Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Australia, Iraq… we didn’t expect that, we all thought it would be a summer job.”

The show started in 2004, and cast and crew were told it likely won’t make it past the first season. Now 107 episodes and six seasons later, the movie is coming out to wrap it all up.

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“There aren’t a lot of TV shows that get to 100, we got 107, and when we wrapped it up, I really wanted to come back and do a movie,” added Butt, the show’s creator.

In May, a Kickstarter campaign for Corner Gas the Movie was started with hopes of raising $100-thousand to make the film. Not only did they reach their goal within hours, they nearly tripled it raising more than $285,000.

“It blew us away, but fans of corner gas have been blowing us away from the start,” said Butt.

Lorne Cardinal, who played Davis Quinton, said, “It kind of adds a little pressure, that people love the show so much, now it’s up to us not to screw it up.”

The world premiere of Corner Gas: The Movie is in Saskatoon. Butt explained how he’s excited to watch it with a live audience.

“We worked on the script for almost two years before filming,” he added. “Everything you like about Corner Gas is in there.”

The movie plays in theatres from Dec. 3 to 7, and will play on TV starting Dec. 17.

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