Former McGill student said rape charges dropped in her case too

MONTREAL — Forty-six-year-old Mary-Margaret Jones had a flashback this week, one which triggered many bad memories.

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Twenty-six years ago, Jones said she went through the same traumatic experience as the Concordia University student at the centre of a recent McGill University rape scandal.

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Back in September 1988, Jones was a 19-year-old student at McGill University.

During a party inside a fraternity, Jones claims she was “gang-raped” by three students.

During a party inside a fraternity, Jones claims she was “gang-raped” by three McGill University students in 1998. Global News

Just like the Concordia student, she contacted Montreal police and filed reports, but in the end, the charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

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“It was eerie to hear the similarities in our cases,” said Jones.

Jones told Global News she is sharing her story in the hopes that it leads to changes in the justice system.

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“Right now the justice system is not set up in a way that deals with victims of violence fairly,” said Jones.

“It favours the assailant.”

Montreal Gazette reporter Sue Montgomery is spearheading a social media campaign called “Been Raped Never Reported.”

The effort seeks to encourage victims of violence to speak up.

Montgomery said she believes the time has come to give rape victims more support in court.

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“The victim needs to have an advocate, someone who has legal standing in the court and lobbying on her behalf legally,” she said.

“I know the Crown Prosecutor is supposed to do that, but it’s not always done.”

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Jones said victims of rape are “ripped apart emotionally” during the legal process.

“Our justice system fails victims of sexual violence every day,” she said.

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