‘It’s hard to move on’: Alleged victim in McGill sex scandal speaks out

MONTREAL — The woman at the centre of a McGill University rape scandal is speaking out.

In an exclusive interview with Global News, the now 21-year-old alleged victim said that Quebec’s Crown Prosecutor’s Office let her down when it dropped criminal charges against three students who she claims sexually assaulted her in September 2011.

“The way the trial was dealt with wasn’t fair at all,” the young woman said.

“It’s hard to move on when you don’t have any sort of closure.”

On Monday, prosecutor Miguel Boisvert withdrew sexual assault and forcible confinement counts against 22-year-old Ian Sherriff, Brenden Carriere and Guillaume Tremblay.

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The legal move appears to be a response to an email sent to prosecutors last week.

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In the letter, a new witness claimed the sexual acts were “consensual.”

“It makes me so angry, they have no right,” the alleged victim told Global News.

“First of all they were not there, and I know it was not consensual.”

Defence attorney Debora DeThomasis, who represents 22-year-old Guillaume Tremblay, said has been the defence’s main argument throughout the proceedings since day one.

The alleged victim provided a few details about the night in question.

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On the night of Sept. 10, 2011, the woman and a friend met two of the football players at the Korova Bar on St-Laurent Blvd.

They all agreed to go back to the mens’ home.

Once inside, the alleged victim said she was offered a can of beer that was already opened, which she found strange.

“That was weird, who does that?” she noted.

She said she now believes she may have been drugged.

The young woman, who was then only 18, later remembers being on a bed with several men.

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She said she was telling them to stop.

Around 7:00 a.m. the next morning, she said she woke up and had her clothes thrown at her.

She said one of the football players told her to leave right away, “because they had to go to practice.”

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The alleged victim is still in school today — but in Ontario.

She told Global News she’s studying criminology and psychology.

Outside of school, the young woman also spends many hours getting psychological help.

“Three years later, I’m still seeing therapists,” she said.

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