Calgarians call for more transit in Citizen Satisfaction Survey

Calgary’s mayor is calling this year’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey a “good report card” with numbers fairly consistent with last year.

Overall, 87 per cent of Calgarians say “life is good” in Calgary, which compares to 88 per cent in 2012 and 2013.

86 per cent of Calgarians say the quality of service is high – but other areas of the report suggest there’s room for improvement.

Calgarians call for more transit in Citizen Satisfaction Survey - image
City of Calgary

The top priorities that Calgarians indicated they would like to see the city focus on are infrastructure, roads and transit.

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While the Mayor says he’s taking a close look at the report, he says it won’t likely affect this year’s budget.

The survey came out later than usual this year, so it won’t change priorities that have already been set out.

The mayor says it will, however, impact discussions about where to use savings in the future.

“There’s a real, real, real desire for savings that we find to be reinvested and looking at the number one [priority] – that’s Calgary transit.”

The report also includes some interesting feedback regarding bike lanes.

They rank low for most Calgarians based on their “level of importance”. Only 29 per cent of people say they’re “very important”.

When asked what service Calgarians would like to see less money put into, more people said bike lanes than any other service.

To view the full Citizen Satisfaction Report scroll through the document below or click HERE.


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