Wildrose vice-president quits over party’s refusal to endorse equal rights policy

Terry Lo's photo, posted to his blog along with his resignation Wednesday.
Terry Lo's photo, posted to his blog along with his resignation Wednesday.

CALGARY – A constituency vice-president with Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose is resigning over the party’s refusal to pass a definitive statement on equal rights at its annual meeting last weekend.

In his resignation letter, Terrence Lo says that as an “Asian, atheist parent of a gay son, he can’t in good conscience stay with the party”.

Party members voted against adopting as policy a statement supported by Leader Danielle Smith that affirmed the rights of everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and other differences.

Instead, members voted to go with a broader policy to recognize that all Albertans have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities.

“In that moment, the party actually went against their leader and the recommendation of the MLAs, and basically said “***** you” to groups that have never felt included, or protected adequately compared to the white, Christian majority,” says Lo.

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Lo, who was vice-president of communications for Calgary-Glenmore, calls the vote the breaking point for him.

He posted his resignation letter on his blog.

He says he doesn’t expect he’ll be instigating a mass exodus of supporters, but hopes his decision to leave inspires others to pay attention to the party’s actions.

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