Newly elected B.C. councillor will light himself on fire following higher voter turnout

WATCH ABOVE: Squire Barnes visits Peter Kent before the 2014 civic election

VANCOUVER – Before being elected as a councillor in Squamish, B.C., Peter Kent made voters a promise.

If voter turnout in their district was higher than in 2011, Kent would set himself on fire.

“In 2011, we only had a 40 per cent voter turnout,” said Kent in the video. “We can do better than that.”

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Whatever the motivation, this year voter turnout was around 44 per cent.

Kent is not inexperienced when it comes to these matters. As a former stuntman and stunt double for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he knows what he is doing.

Global News‘ Squire Barnes spoke to Kent before he was elected and he said it was time to do something different. “I’m opening a new page in my life,” he said. “I want to do something that’s not so much about me, I want to do something that’s more about ‘we’.”

So now that he has been elected to council, he will revisit his past life one more time and set himself on fire in the centre of Squamish.

Kent confirmed to Global News in an email that he is applying for the permit today.

He then has to deal with protective services, Squamish Fire Rescue and RCMP and get the permit process initiated so he expects he will be lighting himself on fire around mid-December.

Stay tuned.


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