Canadian co-founder of RSD describes forcing sex on woman

Owen Cook, pictured in an April 2014 video. YouTube

Warning: This article contains sexually explicit content that some readers may find offensive. Discretion is advised.

TORONTO — The Canadian co-founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), the controversial L.A.-based company that offers men seminars on how to “pick-up” women, appears to have boasted about sexually assaulting a woman.

At one of RSD’s “bootcamps” in the U.S., Owen Cook shared details of an encounter with a stripper he had picked-up the night before.

His comments, recorded on video and posted online, are both graphic and disturbing.

RSD removed the video from YouTube last weekend as the company was beginning to come under scrutiny. Copies have appeared — then disappeared — from various other websites.

In the undated video, Cook told a small group of men: “It was in the morning, she was taking a shower, and I didn’t think she wanted to have sex again. But I just threw her on the bed.”

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He recounts how he proceeded to have intercourse with the unwilling woman whom he described as “just totally not in the mood.”

Cook explained his behaviour by saying he didn’t care what he did to her because he didn’t plan to see her again.

Cook then described, in explicit detail, how he proceeded to have intercourse with the woman.

“And I’m like ‘I’ll just make this quick because she doesn’t even want it.’”

Jennifer Li, the Washington, D.C. woman who is going after RSD, tweeted the video on Nov. 7 and commented: “It looks like RSD’s founder Owen Cook admitted to rape in this clip.”

Australian Julia Duong called the comments “disgusting and inexcusable.”

According to the U.S. Justice Department, rape is defined as “penetration, no matter how slight … without the consent of the victim.”

Cook has not been accused of, or charged with, a crime but his shocking account of the incident is only adding fuel to social media campaigns and online petitions against RSD in the U.S., U.K., Japan and Canada.

Most have focused on Julien Blanc, a Swiss-born instructor for RSD who was kicked out of Australia last week after protests against his advocacy for the use of physical force to land women.

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But while the campaign to ban Blanc from entering the Canada seems to be having some effect — RSD has pulled a list of bootcamps scheduled for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver next year from its website — Cook can’t be barred because he is a Canadian citizen.

Born and raised in Ottawa, he studied at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. before co-founding RSD in 2002.

The 35-year-old father of one often goes by Tyler Durden, the name of Brad Pitt’s character in the movie Fight Club.

“I picked Tyler Durden because I thought he was the archetype of a very cool character who had to let go of his old identity and move on to a new one,” Cook explained in a 2006 interview with The Journal.

“I kind of admired that aspect about moving away from certain social standards that were ultimately unfulfilling.”

He defended the techniques RSD teaches.

“People think that some approaches used by the seduction community are misogynistic and that some aren’t,” said Cook. “If a women is exposed to the ones that are misogynistic, it’s natural that she might form an impression of the community from that.”

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PETITIONS: Keep Julien Blanc and Real Social Dynamics out of Canada | Keep Julien Blanc out of Canada

Cook is featured in Neil Strauss’ 2005 bestseller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

In a video posted on YouTube, Cook recommended grabbing women in clubs and speaking firmly to them. He advised men to practice on unattractive women before trying the technique on women they find attractive.

In other RSD videos that can be found online, Cook used a gay slur, referred to a woman as a “b****,” spoke with an Indian accent, and told his young son: “You’re an accident. That’s right, you’re an accident.”

Cook has not responded to several requests for an interview.

In a Nov. 7 message in a RSD forum, he said he did not condone the video in which Blanc demonstrates ways of using physical force on women. “[Julien] was an idiot trying to be inflammatory for posting it,” he said.

The forum, along with a lot of other RSD online content, has been deleted or set to private this week.

Cook has not tweeted since Nov. 2.



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