Escort forced to get tattoo of pimp’s name to show ‘ownership’: Police

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

TORONTO – Police in Toronto have charged a man in a human trafficking investigation after it’s alleged a woman was forced into the sex trade and had the name of her pimp tattooed on her “to show his ownership.”

It’s alleged the 20-year-old was coerced into working as a stripper and escort, and faced demands to make up to $3,000 every day of the week.

All of her earnings were allegedly given to her pimp, and her passport, and SIN and debit cards were also turned over.

Police allege she was threatened with death along with her parents if she tried to leave.

The woman went to police on Sunday, leading to the arrest of a 24-year-old Toronto man.

Soufian Larbi is charged with trafficking in persons by recruiting, material benefit resulting from trafficking in person, living on avails of prostitution, exercise control, uttering threats, withhold/destroy travel document, assault and mischief.

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Soufian Larbi, 24, was charged with eight offences connected to a human trafficking investigation. Toronto Police Service / handout

He was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Police say the woman contacted them after the accused allegedly demanded she make $5,000 on Sunday, and slapped her.

Investigators believe there may be other alleged victims.

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