Aircraft that made emergency landing has history of landing gear issues

Watch above: An Air Canada Express flight from Calgary had to make an emergency landing at Edmonton International Airport Thursday night. Mike Drolet has the story.

TORONTO – Passengers aboard a plane that made an emergency landing in Edmonton late Thursday night might be surprised to know that the particular type of aircraft has a history of landing gear issues.

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According to the Aviation Safety Network, this isn’t the first time a deHavilland Dash-8 400 series aircraft has had landing gear trouble.

Between March 2007 and August 2008, there were six incidents around the world.

On March 13, 2007, a Dash-8-402Q sustained damage when the landing gear failed to deploy upon approach at Kochi Airport in Japan. There were no injuries.

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A similar incident occurred in Denmark on Sept. 9, 2007, where five people were injured. Just three days later, another landing gear collapse in Lithuania.

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Following those incidents several airlines grounded their Q400s.

In Oct. 2007, another flight from Denmark experienced landing gear issues when the right landing gear didn’t extend completely.

Out of four incidents in 2007, three of them occurred on the right main landing gear.

There were two more incidents in 2008 with the landing gear — including another right main landing gear that collapsed.

There was also a plane that lost a tire but that didn’t have the landing gear collapse when landing.

In 2011, another 400Q aircraft lost a wheel on takeoff at Exeter Airport in England. After circling back to the airport, the pilot was able to safely land the plane with the landing gear intact.

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As for tire incidents, from 2012 to 2013, the Q400 experienced three incidents where the landing gear tire either blew or fell off the plane.

Most notably, on Jan. 20, 2013, a landing gear wheel fell off an Air Canada Jazz plane after it landed. No one was hurt.

A spokesperson with Bombardier told Global News that the investigation into Thursday’s landing gear collapse is still underway, which the Transportation Safety Board also confirmed.

The TSB also told Global News that they had not investigated any past incidents of landing gear collapses.

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