Montreal-area English school board election results

MONTREAL — It was the election night that Education Minister Yves Bolduc said would be a test of credibility for Quebec’s 69 school boards.

School board elections in the province have been known for their low voter turnout and some were calling this year’s polling an election to save the school boards.

In a nutshell, English school board incumbents won across the board in the English Montreal School Board and the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

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The school board election campaign in Montreal has been mired in controversy, with many English voters left off of the voters’ list and long lines at polling stations on voting day.

Voter turnout

Preliminary voter participation numbers across Quebec were significantly lower than voter turnout in 2007 and 2003 elections, although the number of electors casting votes for English school boards has steadily increased.

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Overall voter turnout for all English school boards is estimated by the Quebec English School Boards Association at about 20 per cent.

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Take a look at voter turnout for the past three school board elections:

YearQuebecFrench school boardsEnglish school boards

Bolduc said Monday that despite slightly higher voter turnout in the English school boards, the low preliminary turnout numbers across the province were “not acceptable.”

For full school board election results, visit the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) website.

English Montreal School Board results

Angela Mancini was re-elected as Chair of the English Montreal School Board. According to the EMSB website, she received 11,069 votes, compared to 7,086 votes for her opponent Anne Lagacé Dowson.

In total, Mancini’s team won eight seats, while Lagacé Dowson’s team took one seat, and another was won by an independent.

Take a look at who won by ward:

  1. Côte des Neiges/Snowdon/Outremont /Town of Mount Royal/Park Extension: Mordechai Antal (Team Angela Mancini) – 887 votes
  2. Montreal West / NDG: Joseph Lalla (independent) – 987 votes
  3. Westmount/Sud Ouest – Julien Feldman (Team Lagacé Dowson): 893 votes
  4. Côte Saint-Luc/Hampstead – Syd Wise (Team Angela Mancini): 1,144 votes
  5. St. Laurent – James Kromida (Team Angela Mancini): 1,196 votes
  6. St. Michel/Villeray/part of Rosemont/Plateau Mont Royal/Ville Marie East – Dominic Furfaro (Team Angela Mancini): 742 votes
  7. Ahuntsic/Montreal North – Sylvia Lo Bianco (Team Angela Mancini): 1,055 votes
  8. St. Léonard: Patricia Lattanzio (Team Angela Mancini) – 1,449 votes
  9. Anjou/Mercier/Hochelaga Maisonneuve/Part of Rosemont, Petite Patrie: Rosario Ortona (Team Angela Mancini) – 719 votes
  10. Rivière des Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles: Joe Ortona (Team Angela Mancini) – 1,153 votes

According to the Quebec English School Board Association, preliminary numbers for voter turnout for the EMSB was at 21.2 per cent.

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Lester B. Pearson School Board results

Suanne Stein Day was re-elected as Chair of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. According to the LBPSB website, she received 5,256 votes, compared to 3,650 votes for Chris Eustace and 2,525 votes for Angela Nolet.

Take a look at who won by ward:

  1. Mary Ann Davis – 334 votes
  2. Frank Di Bello – 506 votes
  3. Joshua Arless – 759 votes
  4. Noel Burke – 644 votes
  5. Nan Beaton – 440 votes
  6. Craig Berger – 679 votes
  7. Laura Derry – 713 votes
  8. Eric Bender – 710 votes
  9. Domenic Pavone – 575 votes
  10. Martin Sherman – acclaimed
  11. Daniel Olivenstein – acclaimed
  12. Wayne Clifford – acclaimed

According to the Quebec English School Board Association, preliminary figures for voter turnout for the LBPSB was at 16 per cent.

New Frontiers School Board results

David D’Aoust was elected by acclamation as Chair of the New Frontiers School Board.

Take a look at who won by ward:

  1. Neil Burdon – acclaimed
  2. Karin Van Droffelaar – acclaimed
  3. Lina K. Chouinard – acclaimed
  4. Kenneth Crockett – acclaimed
  5. Howard P. (Buzz) Gibbs – elected (votes not confirmed)
  6. Abdul Pirani – elected (votes not confirmed)
  7. Dianne McKell Eastwood – acclaimed
  8. Peter Stuckey – acclaimed
  9. Barbara Ednie – acclaimed
  10. John Ryan – acclaimed

Riverside School Board results

Dan Lamoureux was elected as Chair of the Riverside School Board.

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Take a look at who won:

  1. Pamela Booth Morrison – elected (votes not confirmed)
  2. Deena Butler – acclaimed
  3. Anna Capobianco Skipworth – elected (votes not confirmed)
  4. Christopher Craig – acclaimed
  5. Henriette Dumont – acclaimed
  6. Margaret Gour – elected (votes not confirmed)
  7. Charles Horrell – acclaimed
  8. Lesley Llewelyn Cuffling – acclaimed
  9. Andrew Mazur – elected (votes not confirmed)
  10. Dawn Smith – acclaimed
  11. Douglas Smyth – elected (votes not confirmed)

According to the Quebec English School Board Association, preliminary figures for voter turnout for the RSB was at 13.12 per cent.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board results

Jennifer Maccarone from EducACTION was elected as Chair for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.

Take a look at who won:

  1. Peter MacLaurin (Independent) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  2. Robert Dixon (Independent) – acclaimed
  3. Guy Gagnon (EducACTION) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  4. Anne McMullon Panet-Raymond (EducACTION) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  5. Dean Dugas (EducACTION) – acclaimed
  6. Emilio Migliozzi (EducACTION) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  7. Vicky Kaliotzakis (EducACTION) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  8. Ailsa Pehi (Students First) – elected (votes not confirmed)
  9. Paolo Galati (EducACTION) – elected (votes not confirmed)

According to the Quebec English School Board Association, preliminary figures for voter turnout for the SWLSB was at 15.78 per cent.

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