School board elections under way in Quebec

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MONTREAL – Sunday is school board election day across the province, with 60 French school boards and 9 English language school boards heading to the polls.

On the English side, 95 commissioner positions are up for grabs and for the first time ever, voters will elect the Chairperson for their respective boards.

The move to elect Chairpersons is being applauded my many who felt that the previous system of taxation without representation was undemocratic and in need of an overhaul.

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Sunday’s elections however, are about more than just choosing commissioners and Chairs. Education minister Yves Bolduc has made it clear that the very future of school boards may be at risk.

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“If you think school boards are important, then we are asking you to express that by going and voting,” the minister said.

He added that if turnout is anemic then we will need to ask ourselves some very serious questions.

The last elections were held in 2007 and voter turnout then was just 7.9 per cent across the province. It is worth noting that the English school boards did have a better showing, with 16.7 per cent of the electorate casting their ballot.

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Polls are open until 8:00 p.m. Will you be exercising your right to vote? Take our poll below.

For more information on where to vote please visit the Director General of Election’s website.