Fall back, check your smoke alarms: Fire officials

A man in Ledgewood, New Jersey checks the batteries in his smoke alarm. John Moore, Getty Images

EDMONTON – As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end for another year, Edmonton fire officials say it’s a great time for residents to check that their smoke alarms are working properly.

Over the last decade, 56 per cent of fire fatalities have been due to either a faulty smoke alarm or the absence of a smoke alarm in the home, according to Edmonton Fire Rescue. In 76 per cent of fatal fires, dead or incorrectly installed batteries caused smoke alarm failures.

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The Alberta Fire Code requires all homes in the province to have working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be placed on every storey and outside all sleeping areas.

Here are a few other tips, provided by Edmonton Fire Rescue:

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  • change alarm batteries when you turn clocks back for Daylight Saving Time
  • install smoke alarms within 5 metres of each bedroom
  • all alarms, battery operated and electrical, need to be replaced every 10 years
  • test alarms each month (press and hold test button)

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