POLL: Should winter tires be mandatory in Alberta?

A car tire in the snow is pictured on December 10, 2010. Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

EDMONTON – A debate ignited on Twitter Friday morning after an Edmonton MLA asked Albertans whether the province should make winter tires mandatory in Alberta.

Quebec is the only province in Canada requiring vehicles to be equipped with four snow tires from December 15 to March 15, passing the law in 2007.

In British Columbia, winter tires are only required by law in certain mountainous regions from October 1 to March 31.

Many of those who responded to Lukaszuk’s question believe drivers should put winter tires on their vehicles, but don’t believe it should be mandatory.

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According to tire experts, once the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius all-season tires lose their grip and braking distance.

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“The rubber is just too hard in the tread to give you proper grip and you don’t even need to have snow and slush, just a wet road at seven degrees or lower and your grip is greatly diminished,” explained Bill Gardiner from Kal Tire.

Winter tires have a softer rubber, more treads and deeper grovers for better traction on snow and ice.

Drivers who don’t want to buy two sets of tires for summer and winter have the option of purchasing all-weather tires, which are said to have good grip below and above seven degrees Celsius and can be driven year-round.

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They’re not much more expensive and are recommended for those who mostly drive in urban areas.

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