WATCH: You won’t believe how one Chinese driver escaped raging flood waters

WATCH: Dramatic video captures moment excavator rescues man stuck in raging flood waters

TORONTO – An SUV driver in China had to be rescued from a torrential flood in a very unconventional way.

The driver was trying to cross a flooded river in Fengjie County on Tuesday afternoon when his vehicle was washed away. When he tried to get out, the driver found his door was forced shut by the strength of the current.

Climbing out the driver side window, hanging onto the door and leaning into the current was all the man could do to avoid being swept away until help arrived.

A Chinese driver jumped to the safety of an excavator bucket to escape a raging flood. Screen Grab / The Associated Press

Observers safely ashore initially made an attempt to rescue the driver using rope and a lifebuoy.

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But the rope nearly put the man in grave danger once an excavator – usually found at a construction site – took over the rescue operation.

As the excavator reached across the water with its arm, the driver jumped in the bucket. Seconds later, however, the SUV was swept away with the rope tangled around it.

Rescue worker used the excavator bucket to evacuate the driver from the river and brought him to the shore. Screen Grab / The Associated Press

The driver was lucky to unravel the rope from the vehicle with no time to spare. He was then carried to shore inside the excavator’s bucket.

Eventually, the vehicle was recovered as well.

The river’s water level had recently peaked after heavy rains in the area.

– With files from The Associated Press

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