WATCH: Clumsy driver struggles to back out of parking spot

A clumsy driver’s repeated attempts to back out of a parking space led to a comical sequence that was caught by a surveillance camera in Jiangyin City of east China‘s Jiangsu Province.

The accident occurred on Oct. 6 when the driver in the gray sedan was attempting to back out only to bump into the car parked next to his.

His predicament did not end after the first bump as he went on to hit the adjacent vehicle more than 10 times in a span of 10 minutes.

Once freed from the space, the driver immediately drove away from the scene.

“Backing out is not difficult. However, he constantly bumped the neighboring car dozens of times in 10 minutes,” said Xing Xiao, an officer with the Jiangyin City traffic police.

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According to Xing, the driver had obtained his license four years ago, but barely drove over that time.

“The driver got his driving license before he went to university and seldom practiced his driving skills over the past four years. He graduated this year, but his driving skills are still poor and that’s the reason for the accident,” said Xing.

The driver has already been punished by the traffic department.