Family stranded for three days on northern Saskatchewan rocky island

Happy ending for a family stranded for three days on a northern Saskatchewan island after boat runs out of gas. Supplied / Wollaston Lake RCMP

WOLLASTON LAKE, Sask. – It’s a happy ending for a family that survived for three days on a rocky island in northern Saskatchewan last week after their boat ran out of gas.

The party of three adults and one youth set out on Oct. 21 from Barge Landing, heading to Wollaston Lake in the far northeast of the province.

Later in the day, a family member received a call saying the party had run out of gas and were now stranded on a rocky island.

That was the last time family heard from the party as their cell phone died before they could give their location.

The four were reported missing to Wollaston Lake RCMP on Oct. 23.

Members from the detachment, along with Canadian Rangers, started a search for the missing party with help from local residents.

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Weather did not cooperate with the search parties as there was thick fog in the area, hampering efforts.

Several islands were searched to no avail before the search was called off for the day.

The search resumed the following morning and the four were found safe on the island in the bay during the afternoon of Oct. 24.

Along with the fog, the family had to deal with wind, heavy freezing rain and freezing temperatures that dipped to minus seven Celsius overnight on Oct. 22 during their ordeal.

They were able to start a fire, had coats and a tarp to protect them from the elements but had a minimal amount of food.

Wollaston Lake is approximately 700 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

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