Park board votes to give Stanley Park’s Beaver Lake a new lease on life

WATCH: Beaver Lake is an urban oasis in the heart of Stanley Park, but the lake is being threatened by an overgrowth of water lillies. Catherine Urquhart reports. 

The Vancouver Park Board is committing millions of dollars to restore an area of Stanley Park.

It’s feared Beaver Lake could disappear within a decade as a result of invasive water lilies and infilling from sediment.

The board has now voted unanimously to preserve the area, but it could cost as much as six million dollars.

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While the exact details have yet to be worked out, the enhancements could include dredging the lake in order to make it deeper.

Park board commissioner Aaron Jasper credits the Stanley Park Ecology Society for alerting the board about the lake’s plight.

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The society says the project has been a long time coming.

~with files from Catherine Urquhart 

WATCH: Stanley Park’s disappearing Beaver Lake

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