Pacific Coliseum concert crasher gets stuck in vent

WATCH: Strange rescue at Pacific Coliseum

A man who got trapped in a vent after trying to sneak into a concert at the Pacific Coliseum this morning could be facing charges.

According to the PNE, a man tried twice to gain access to an electronic music event called Dooms Night 2014. On his first try he went through a fire escape but was spotted by security and police and evicted from the site.

That didn’t stop him from trying to get into the show.

“He came around the other side of the building, pried a vent cover off a venting system that we have into the building and tried to enter the event through the ducting system and became stuck,” says the PNE’s Laura Ballance.

As Coliseum employee Stafford Richter was leaving for the night at about 2 a.m., he heard the man’s call for help.

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“I heard this ‘help me, help me… get help but don’t call the cops,” Richter told Global News.

“I thought he was stranded on the roof I had no idea he was stranded in the vent.”

The Vancouver Fire Department was able to free the man from the vent and he was checked over by BC Ambulance.

The man is currently in custody and the PNE is looking at pressing charges.

“This was a highly unusual situation and an extremely bad decision by this individual,” says Ballance.

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