Saskatoon saying goodbye to warmth, hello winter wonderland

Saskatonians are advised to brace for snow that's expected to kickoff the final week of October. Peter Quinlan / SkyTracker Weather

SASKATOON – Saskatonians have a huge shift in weather approaching to kickoff the final week of October.

After a week with record-breaking high temperatures into the 20s across central Saskatchewan and in Saskatoon, many believe the mercury is bound to drop sometime soon and that time has come.

The weekend will remain slightly above seasonal in Saskatoon with high temperatures pushing double digits but the bigger changes come very early next week.

An area of low pressure is expected to build into southern Alberta and Saskatchewan Sunday night into early Monday morning which will suck down some much cooler air and squeeze out precipitation first in the form of rain, then changing to snow Monday morning.

Because Saskatoon has seen unseasonably warm conditions recently, much of the snow will melt upon contact with the ground which is still well above freezing. However, surfaces that cool quicker like grass and vehicle roofs may see an accumulation of the white precipitation.

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Current models are indicating the snow will have likely started by the Monday morning commute, which may be sloppy, so preparation and winterization of vehicles is highly recommended by the end of the weekend.

What may be a rude awakening for some Monday morning is expected to turn into a series of cooler, sub-freezing starts through to the beginning of November with morning lows each day expected to be at least a few degrees below freezing in subsequent days.

Despite the fact that there still is a slight risk of light flurries sticking around into the middle of the week, the good news is that the chance of snow diminishes through the week heading into Halloween.

Daytime highs are expected to remain cool, below freezing right through the final few days of the month, with Halloween being no exception.

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