Why now is the best time to winterize vehicles

Watch above: now is the best time to winterize your vehicle

SASKATOON – We might be free of the white stuff right now but as the cold continues to creep in we know the dreaded “S” word isn’t too far behind.

Getting stranded in a snow storm is no fun and while we might not want to think about what’s in store for us this year, it won’t be long before the ground is re-covered.

As the mercury continues to plummet; the longer you wait to winterize you’re vehicle, the higher the risk of being left out in the cold.

“You want to be doing it now, you want to do it a month before the snow starts to hit because once the snow hits that’s when a lot of people are coming in,” said Liam Butler, Jubilee Ford service manager.

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Block heater, anti freeze levels, oil and adequate tires are important pieces for making sure a vehicle is ready for cold and heavy snow.

“Coming in on a regular basis, having your vehicle serviced by someone who knows the vehicle, they make sure everything’s up to snuff all the time; so basically your just doing a check to make sure that everything’s still good,” said Butler.

Mechanic shops are starting to book up as people begin to prepare for the inevitable. Winter tires are becoming a common trend.

“It’s a total different vehicle once you put winter tires on them,” said Butler.

It doesn’t matter what you drive, outlasting the snow and cold without breaking down is what it’s all about.

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