MPs, staffers, eyewitnesses describe the Ottawa shooting as it unfolded

WATCH ABOVE: A collection of some of the most striking raw video from Wednesday morning’s shooting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

TORONTO – One member of the Canadian Forces is dead and a suspected gunman was also killed after chaos broke at the National War Memorial and around Parliament Hill Wednesday.

The Civic Campus of Ottawa Hospital confirmed it received four patients since the shooting began at 10 a.m., including a soldier.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a reservist from Hamilton, was identified by his cousin, David, as the victim of the shooting in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

WATCH: Parliament Hill shooting timeline

As the terrifying events unfolded, MPs and others who work on Parliament Hill described what it was like as the terrifying events unfolded.

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Here is some of what they said:

John McKay, MP for Scarborough:

“It was just like a pop, pop, pop. My initial reaction was that this was just construction and to continue on my daily way. And then of course the security guards come rushing down the halls and usher us all out the back door. You don’t actually react you just do what you’re expected to do,” McKay told Global’s Tom Clark on the ground in Ottawa.

“To be candid with you I didn’t really have an emotional reaction until I got out on to Wellington St. and started looking at the police and all of the paramedics and the all of the emergency response people and all of the implications start to filter through and you start to think about what this could actually mean both in the long term and the short term.”

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Don Davies, MP for Vancouver Kingsway:

“First we heard six gunshots and then another four gunshots, and we subsequently learned a gunman had gotten into the House of Commons with a rifle and was shot and killed outside our door,” said Davies, speaking to Global News from Ottawa. “It has been a very disturbing day, everybody is calm but we’re shaken.”

“Then 30 seconds later on the other side of the room were another four shots, so it was unclear whether there were multiple gunmen out there or whether a single gunman was there. I don’t think terrifying would be too strong a word.”

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Sam Dinicol, communications writer for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair:

“It felt in this building like we would be fairly safe because it’s not one of the buildings on the Hill, it’s a little bit removed. But then as things progressed we were in lockdown in this building – the SWAT team was in here at one point so it’s been nerve wracking all day,” Dinicol told Global News from inside 131 Queen St. about a block north of parliament.

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“A colleague came running in from next door and said you need to know what’s going on. At first it was just the shooting at the War Memorial, and then quickly after that came reports there was a shooting at Centre Block. That’s when things got really scary for us because we have so many friends and colleagues that work there. We now know the shooting happened almost right outside were the NDP and the Conservatives were caucusing.”

Karl Belanger, principal secretary to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair:

“About 9:50 a.m. we heard loud sounds, happened right behind our offices. But you know there’s construction going on so we hear loud explosions all the time. At first we thought everything was okay – security came through yelling at us to lock the doors, and to stay away from the windows,” Belanger said from Ottawa.

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“Mulcair was in the caucus room when this happened. I know he spoke with the PM earlier, and he is no longer in Centre Block, but I haven’t spoken with recently… Once police got everything under control we are all breathing a little bit easier.”

Chris Viau, eyewitness in Ottawa:

“The gentlemen were doing their drills… They were doing their march with their rifles in their hands and he came out, pulled out from the left hand side here and fired a shot at one of the soldiers and he went down and the other soldier went to his aid and then he took off right across the street into a vehicle. The vehicle was right across the street and then everybody was running towards and it felt like it was forever.”

-With files from Global’s Tom Clark, and Dawna Friesen

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