5 alternative Halloween treats for kids

Want to avoid giving out children Halloween treats that will cause a sugar rush? Non-candy alternatives are available. AP Photo

TORONTO – Aside from dressing up in fun and creative costumes, kids tend to love Halloween for one main component: candy.

Yet for parents or guardians who wish to provide children with a less sugary option due to dietary or allergy restrictions, non-candy alternatives are always available.

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Here’s a look at five ways for kids to celebrate the holidays without the sugar rush. Note: Most, if not all, of the items below can be purchased in bulk or at your local discount dollar store.

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Healthier snacks

Animal cookies, granola bars and pre-packaged apple slices may be better options for those who wish to give out edible treats. Several granola bars can be high in sugar, so be sure to read the nutritional labels.  According to Dietitians of Canada, bars should contain no more than 8 grams of sugar per serving, if not less. Whole grain should be the first ingredient listed and the product should contain no added refined grains, no more than two grams of fat and at least two grams of fibre.

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Granola bars could be a healthier alternative to chocolate or candy. AP Photo

Body decorations

Temporary tattoos tend to be a hit with young kids. Sticking to ones with a Halloween theme are sure to be popular but feel free to hand out other ones like animals, superheroes or favourite Disney characters.

**Editor’s note: These tips from nutrition experts are based on health and nutrition suggestions. However, if you are concerned about food allergies, make sure you select items that are ‘nut-free.’

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Pocket toys or stickers

Miniature toys that children can play with are great alternative to candy and chocolate. Items such as yo-yos, a deck of cards, sidewalk chalk and outdoor bubble sets are all great options.

Yo-yos are are a great options for those who wish to give alternative treats on Halloween and most can be found at your local discount dollar store. AP Photo

School supplies

Sure children may have just received brand new school supplies last month but spooky-themed pencils, erasers and notepads are fun and practical.

Arts and crafts materials

Colouring books, glitter, Play-Doh and stickers are ways to keep children still entertained with Halloween long after they have come home from trick-or-treating.

Giving out colouring options are a fun alternative to traditional candy on Halloween night. AP Photos

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