European Gypsy Moth, an invasive species, resurfaces in Metro Vancouver

VANCOUVER – The City of Surrey is buckling down for a battle against an invasive species that has the potential to cause massive damage.

For the first time in four years the European Gypsy Moth has resurfaced in Metro Vancouver. This time the infestation appears to have hit prime agricultural land in Cloverdale the hardest.

Inspectors put up traps during the summer and found a far higher number of the gypsy moths than normal.

The moth keeps coming back, despite widespread spraying campaigns.

Experts are trying to figure out what tactic to use first before the moths multiply further.

“The caterpillars are voracious feeders of over 300 different trees and shrubs,” said Tim Ebata, forest health officer. “If they got into this area, a lot of urban trees and fruit trees would be threatened.”

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