Health Canada seizes dangerous health product

Miracle Mineral Solution has been seized and deemed dangerous by Health Canada. Health Canada handout

Health Canada has issued a warning about the serious risksĀ around an unauthorized product called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Sold as a treatment for serious diseases such as cancer, MMS was sold through the web site

According to Health Canada, MMS contains sodium chlorite, which is used as a textile bleaching agent and disinfectant. An alternate form of MMS, which is called CDS, is also being sold on the same web site. It would have the same risks associated with it as MMS.

Health Canada has now seized the product since sodium chlorite is not approved for human consumption.

If you have been using the product, it is recommended you stop immediately and go see your doctor.

Health Canada inspected the business and seized bottles of MMS, packaging, labelling and raw materials used to produce the health product. The company has used previous names to sell MMS which include, and

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Health Canada will continue to monitor the business.


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