WATCH: Deaf woman’s deaf dog shot and killed, she wants to know why

WATCH: A tragic situation in Satsuma, Alabama as police are looking for whoever shot and killed a dog right in its own yard. The dog was deaf – and so is his owner. Allen Carter reports.

TORONTO – Tragedy has struck a Satsuma, Alabama community after a deaf woman’s deaf dog was shot and killed Tuesday in its own yard.

Tabitha Venable has been deaf since the age of four. Years ago, she found an unwanted deaf dog named Si and decided to take him in.

“They were about to put [it] to sleep, because he was deaf,” Venable told WKRG’s Allen Carter. “And I told her I wanted to see him and he probably needed a deaf mom. And we were paired up.

“He was a beautiful dog I had to keep him.”

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But everything changed Tuesday when Venable was out of the house. She came home to discover something was very wrong.

“I came home and he was very lethargic,” Venable says. “He was just walking and I looked at him and said ‘are you okay?’”

Si was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Tabitha Venable's dog Si
Tabitha Venable's deaf dog Si was shot and killed while in its own yard. Tabitha Venable

“They said it was a bullet, that somebody shot him,” Venable says. “They tried to do surgery and he passed away during the surgery.”

According to WKRG, local police are searching for a suspect.

“This is definitley a prime example of an animal cruelty case which is a class c felony,” Satsuma Police Chief Chris McLean says. “According to the vet it appeared to be a small calibre wound such as a 22-calibre.”

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Tabitha Venable and her dog Si
Tabitha Venable and her dog Si – both deaf – share a tender moment. Tabitha Venable

Venable is now without her best friend. On top of that, she’s not sure her neighbourhood is a safe place to live anymore.

“I don’t feel safe,” Venable adds. “If somebody shot my dog. It could happen to me – I can’t hear a gunshot. I’m deaf, he is deaf, anything could happen.”