WATCH: Woman insults husband’s penis size on ‘Family Feud’

Pete, a contestant on Family Feud, had a rough time during Monday’s episode of the long-running game show when his wife was asked an awkward question about her husband’s body.

Host Steve Harvey asked Pete’s wife Joyce and the opposing team’s matriarch to guess responses to a survey of 100 adults who answered the question: “If you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?”

Almost without hesitation she answered: his penis.

A stunned Steve Harvey then stared blankly at the contestant as she loudly repeated the answer “his penis!”

“I know, I come from a weird place,” Joyce said in response to Harvey’s mocking. “You were thinking it.”

Although Joyce’s answer caused the audience to erupt with laughter, none of the surveyed women were thinking the same thing, and she came up with an ‘X’ in the round.

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Meanwhile, Pete, trying to be a good sport, managed to force an awkward smile through the whole ordeal.

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