Eco-friendly Winnipeg building puts energy back on the grid

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Paddling Club spends a lot of time on the water. After seeing Winnipeg’s rivers littered with garbage, the club wanted to make a difference for the environment.

“We always see the garbage and everything that has been dumped,” said Jerome Seremak, paddling coach.

The club building has 30 solar panels on the roof that┬áproduce 7.5 kilowatts. It’s the most powerful solar power installation in Manitoba.

“The other thing that makes this building unique is that they’ve combined the solar and the geothermal as well,” said Alex Stuart with Sycamore Energy. Between the solar panels and the renewable energy systems, the club actually puts energy back on the grid.

“Solar panels take the sunlight, convert it into electricity, and when the building’s not using it, it’s pushing it back out onto the grid,” said Stuart.

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With the money being saved on hydro and gas, the club hopes to have more affordable programs for aspiring young paddlers.