How to make sure you’re eligible to vote for an English school board

It's school board elections in Quebec -- but which school board are you voting in?. Denis Charlet/AFP/Getty

MONTREAL — It is complicated for Quebec anglophones to ensure they are on the proper school board electoral list.

In theory, if your children are registered in an English school board, you should automatically be registered to vote in that board.

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But by default, voters in Quebec are added to lists for the French school boards in their region, so it’s always a good idea to check.

How to make sure you’re eligible to vote in two easy steps: 

  1. Call the Director General of Elections at 1-888-ELECTION (1-888-353-2846) to see if you’re registered.

  2. If you are not on the right voter list, fill out a form to get registered by contacting your school board from the list below.

School board elections will be held across the province on November 2. Residents must be 18 years old and over to be eligible to vote.

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For more information, contact the Quebec school elections site here.