Moose on the loose in Brandon, Manitoba, gets full police escort

A moose rests in Brandon, Man., before police push it out of the city. Brandon Police Service / Twitter

WINNIPEG — A moose on the loose was sent out of Brandon, Man., with a full police escort on Friday morning.

The morning Twitter feed from Brandon police came alive with this unusual post:

The moose was first seen at about 3:30 a.m., but police hoped he’d move out of the city on his own, Brandon police Sgt. Dallas Lockhard said.

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When the moose was spotted in town again at 7:20 a.m., as traffic started to pick up for the day, police decided to act.

“This time of year is their mating season,” Lockhart said, and if it was rutting, the young buck could become dangerous.

Cruisers and police on foot herded the animal out of town while Lockhart tweeted the news so Brandonites would know to be careful in the area.

In the end, the chase was successful:

“He was seen in good condition, heading out of town,” Lockhart said. “Nobody got hurt, including the moose.”

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While moose do wander into Brandon once or twice a year, this was the second time this week a moose was spotted in town, Lockhart said.

The earlier moose made its way out of the city on its own.

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