Protestors gather at Imperial Metals Vancouver office to support Red Chris Mine blockade

The office of Imperial Metals Corporation, which owns Mount Polley and Red Chris mines.
The office of Imperial Metals Corporation, which owns Mount Polley and Red Chris mines. Rumina Daya | Global News

The massive spill at the Mount Polley Mine happened more than two months ago but that disaster is still fresh in the minds for some First Nations members.

In response to another proposed mine by Imperial Metals, protestors held a demonstration in front of the mining company’s Vancouver office on Hornby Street at noon today.

The protestors, which also included the Fraser River Keepers, spoke out against the Red Chris Mine. The mine, which is located 80 km south of Dease Lake in northwest B.C., is a $500 million gold/copper operation that has been front and center in the province’s resource sector for a decade.

The Red Chris mine is slated to open this fall and it will be powered by BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line, which officially opened in August.

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First Nations and environmentalists are concerned about the area known as Sacred Headwaters, where three rivers merge and the impact the mine will have on an important salmon fishing area for people living in the area.

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“Considering the record of Imperial Metals on their environmental management, I don’t think it’s a very responsible project and we have some very serious concerns about the project going in up there,” said one member of the Fraser River Keepers.

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The Vancouver protest was done in conjunction with the blockade that’s been in front of the Red Chris Mine since August.

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