Elementary school teacher sets up crowdfunding page for classroom supplies

VANCOUVER – For teachers, going back to school also comes at a cost.

Every year, many often spend hundreds of dollars buying new supplies to decorate the classroom and make sure students have everything they need.

This year, one Strathcona Elementary School teacher was especially saddened by the state of her room.

With supplies dating back to the 80s, and a shortage of arts, crafts and learning materials, Myriam Dumont decided to put out a call for help.

She created a website asking for public donations and hoped to raise $1,000.

Within three days, the goal was blown away and the donations are still pouring in.

“For me, not only was the campaign incredible because I think these kids will have a fabulous year and be so excited about their new classroom,” said Dumont. “But for me personally it really restored my faith in that people do care and that you know, people are wanting to help and people understand and so I think, personally, I really needed that.”

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If you would like to donate to Dumont’s campaign, you can do so at her GoFundMe page.

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