INFOGRAPHIC: Canadian Museum for Human Rights by the numbers

WATCH: After more than a decade of work, the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights officially opened in Winnipeg —the only museum in the world dedicated to human rights. But, getting to opening day hasn’t been easy. Shirlee Engel reports.

WINNIPEG — Huge amounts of building materials and millions of dollars poured into the Canadian Museum for Human Rights since ground was broken for the building on Dec. 19, 2008.

As our infographic below illustrates, at 24,155 square metres, its area is the equivalent of Canadian football fields, similar to the Guggenheim Museum in Spain.

WATCH: Canadian human rights museum opens up to protests

The central Tower of Hope stands 100 metres high, taller than Parliament’s Peace Tower in Ottawa.

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A lot of heavy engineering went into the museum: 5,400 tonnes of steel, as much as is used in 4,000 mid-size cars, and 35,000 tonnes of concrete, a weight equal to 3,000 grown elephants.

It includes 175,000 individually cut pieces of limestone, basalt and alabaster, and 1,300 unique pieces of glass.

The $351 million cost includes $100 million funding from the federal government, $40 million from the provincial government and $23.6 million from the City of Winnipeg.


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