Quebec independence party leader sends message to Scots

MONTREAL — The leader of a Quebec political party that advocates for independence has a message for Scotland ahead of the country’s referendum: “You will be worse off if you vote ‘no.'”

Sol Zanetti, the head of Option Nationale, kicks off a video published on YouTube by harking back to 1759 and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, which was an important historical moment in the Seven Years’ War, leading to the surrender of Quebec to the British.

“The 78 Fraser Highland Regiment climbed the hill of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and bravely fought to conquer Quebec for England,” said Zanetti.

“That was very thoughtful. This is why today we share a Queen.”

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He goes on to explain why the Scots would be worse off if they decide to vote no in the referendum.

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“We were promised so much, especially just before the vote,” he said.

“Money, additional powers and, oh, how they said they loved us. There even was a parade.”

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As a result of voting no to independence not once, but twice, Zanetti suggests that Quebecers now have the “worst of both worlds.”

“We lost veto powers, funding of healthcare has not kept pace with demands, education funding is embroiled in administrative tugs-of-war, heavy military spending is done irregardless of our strategic interests, our  money is spent outside of our borders to develop industry while our own industry declines.”

The Option Nationale leader ends the video with a message on future relations with Scotland.

“Today Quebecers have no quarrel with Scots,” he noted.

“However, we should hope that perhaps in the future, you choose your own battles and mind your own business.”

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