Street soccer helps rehabilitate Calgary’s homeless

Global News

The Calgary Soccer Society held an inaugural soccer tournament aimed at helping Calgary’s less fortunate Saturday.

The group has been holding practices every weekend with homeless Calgarians in an effort to help them get back on their feet.

Peter Zorbas from Calgary Street Soccer Society (CCS) says in its first year the program has been a huge success.

“We’re looking to develop key relationships with different agencies,” Zorbas said. “Where we can go in there and promote sport as just a little add-on to help better people’s lives”.

CCS is part of a larger organization that hosts a Homeless World Cup every year with participants coming from across the globe.

“Training hard and seeing the results of your efforts, those are the qualities we’re trying to instill in some of the players,” explains Zorbas. “Give them a sense of belonging.”

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This year CSS will select one member to participate in the world cup.

“Our program is centered around consistency, so if you continue to come and show improvements in your life and show a good attitude then those are the players that we want.”

Saturday’s soccer tournament also presented the opportunity for players to connect with city agencies.

This year’s Homeless World Cup will be held in Santiago, Chile in October.