Video shows sonic boom following volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea

New video following the eruption of Mount Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea on Aug. 29 shows the devastating force of a volcanic blast.

The eruption sent lava spewing hundreds of feet in the air and a plume of ash billowing tens of thousands of feet into the sky. Subsequent explosions at the volcano continued for several days.

On Sept. 2 Linda and Philip McNamara, a couple from Queensland, Australia, were on a boat near the volcano when they captured amazing video of an explosion. In the clip, a sonic boom can be seen blasting through the clouds.

According to the NASA Earth Observatory, eruptions have occurred at Mount Tavurvur every few years, with the last one creating a tower of ash that reached 18,000 metres.

In 1994, Tavurvur erupted at the same time as Mount Vulcan – another nearby volcano – destroying the nearly two thirds of the city of Rabaul.

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An image of Mount Tavurvur before the volcanic eruption on Aug. 29. (NASA Earth Observatory)
An image of Mount Tavurvur taken on Sept. 2 shows the huge area covered in ash. (NASA Earth Observatory)


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