Vancouver Park Board doubling day camps offered during strike

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More and more places are stepping up to help the hundreds of thousands of parents looking for childcare during the BC Teachers’ strike.

The Vancouver Park Board, which operates 24 community centres around the city, says they’ve almost doubled the number of day camps and special programs available.

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“This is just sort of day one. There’s no way we can handle 580 children, and that’s sort of what we’re bracing for. How many children are we going to get?” said Ron Suzuki, the Director of the Strathcona Community Recreation Centre.

They aren’t turning anyone away, asking parents to pay what they can afford.

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“Most of the programs are full with waiting lists, but as time goes on and we see a bigger need, than the community centers will be looking for ways to accommodate kids in their neighborhoods,” said Park Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth.

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The provincial government says parents registering for a $40 a day subsidy during the strike will begin receiving the money in late September or early October.

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