Fred Couples enjoying the huge galleries at the Shaw Charity Classic

WATCH- Fred Couples tells us what draws him back to the Champions Tour tournament hosted in Calgary. 

Masters winner Fred Couples is happy to be back playing in the Shaw Charity Classic in Calgary because it’s one of the most successful tournaments on the Champions Tour.

“This is one of the biggest crowds to come out and watch. Which is always fun to play in front of people,” Couples said. “Yesterday I had Stephen Ames and Rocco in the group, so we had a huge gallery. We didn’t play particularly well but we had a good time.”

Couples said last year’s Shaw Charity Classic raised more money than any Champions Tour event ever, and it’s been around for 30 years.

This is the second time Couples has played in the Calgary event, which runs August 27-31.

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He went into Saturday’s round sitting in 35th place. Couples said he has to shoot a really low round Saturday to get back in the game.

Couples, 55, said even though the Champions Tour is for golfers over 50 years of age it’s still very competitive. How long he can be competitive in his career, will dictate how long he plays.  Being competitive is the most fun for him.

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