WATCH: Top female players outraged over having to play on artificial grass at next year’s World Cup

A literal turf war has broken out over the women’s World Cup of soccer in Canada next year.

International women’s soccer stars are threatening legal action against FIFA and Soccer Canada, demanding the World Cup be played on natural grass rather than artificial turf.

Many of the Canadian venues, including BC Place, have artificial turf.

The women say FIFA would never allow men to play on artificial turf and having the women’s World Cup on a second class surface amounts to gender discrimination.

Forty athletes have sent a letter, claiming it is gender discrimination because they are being forced to play on a substandard and widely-held inferior surface.

But others are wondering what all the fuss is about because today’s artificial turf is slowly winning out over natural grass.

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The turf at BC Place has already been given top approval rating from FIFA, and Vancouver Whitecaps President says he doesn’t see the problem.

In fact, so far this year, the team has had very few injuries.

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