Southern Alberta’s first Craft Brewery opening this spring

It’s now a quarter-century since the Molson company shut down the landmark House of Lethbridge brewery. But a group of Lethbridge business men are opening a new craft sized brewery that will attract consumers and tourists from across the province.
“We plan on making this Lethbridge’s newest tourist destination,” said Scott Crighton, spokesperson for WildCraft Brewery Inc.
WildCraft Brewery Inc. plans to build a 5000 square-foot restaurant in it’s 21,000 square-foot facility on the corner of 43rd street and Highway 3. The 35-hectalitre brewing system they plan to install will handle bottles, cans and kegs. The brewery is designed for tours that cater to all ages.

“The site is designed for tours in addition to the manufacturing and restaurant,” said Crighton.
WildCraft will be in the centre of the new hotel hub in Lethbridge, but economic development of the city says it’s an area lacking in restaurants.

“That area has been built up with some new hotels recently and you have that corridor running out to Coaldale. There are some great pubs in the industrial area but this is another for people to stop.”

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WildCraft Brewery Inc. is set to open in Spring 2015.

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