Be mindful of dreams, they could ease your mind

Watch above: understanding dreams and what they mean

SASKATOON – Dreams may be abstract, but they definitely mean something according to Carolyn Schur, a sleep therapist with Associated Sleep Services.

“Dreams aren’t literal, they’re more metaphorical and pointing to some feeling in your life that you need to tend to. They can be a tool for us to learn about our life, and to make our life better,” said Schur.

Recurring dreams are a good measure of that. Schur said you should pay attention to the theme of the recurring dream then think about how it applies to your daily life.

“That typically means there is an unresolved issue or unresolved feeling that keeps trying to get your attention … so with recurring dreams they really can be a way to learn about your life; things that you need to pay attention to in your life.”

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Death dreams can also help you tap into your true feelings, Schur added.

She said not to be alarmed if you have a dream where you die. It’s not imminent of death, rather it’s what you feel like is coming to an end in your life or no longer fulfilling you, whether it be a relationship, or career for example.

But what about those daily dreams that are often tough to remember night after night?

Schur explained dreams are often made up of a sequence of your day’s events.

“All of those incidents are replayed, and in dreaming all of that gets sorted out, placed into memory, some stuff just gets thrown away … we’re basically sorting and organizing all that stuff.”


Though they may not all be memorable and hard hitting, they all mean something, so be mindful of your dreams because they could help you ease your mind.

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