Cherryvale residents want covered bridge replaced

CHERRYVALE, N.B. – Residents in the small community of Cherryvale are worried they’ve been forgotten. The community lost their historic covered bridge four months ago, and haven’t been told if they’re going to get a new one.

Verna Perry used to walk across the bridge to visit her sister-in-law, who lives on the other side of the Canaan River. The visit has now become a 20 minute drive.

“They apparently had been working on a replacement since we’ve had the flood and lost the bridge. But there just isn’t anything in progress. Nothing’s been started,” she said.

The bridge was washed away during the floods in April. It was spotted a few days later, floating down the river under the Trans-Canada overpass.

Now residents have to travel to the McDonald Bridge to cross the river – but that can be a problem. The road and bridge are low-lying, and floods several times a year. So if the road is out, Cherryvale residents are left with a backwoods road that takes them nearly to Sussex, before they can cross the river and turn around.

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Some in the community, like Jim Beck, say they’re sick of the delays. They want help from the province.

“I know you can’t have the bridge in before election, I know it (isn’t) possible,” said Beck. “But you can have the arrangements all made on paper and have that out and that’ll stand before Election Day, or you’re history, man.”

Perry agrees.

“Whoever gets us the bridge is the guy that I’m going to vote for.”

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