High River homeowners still waiting to be paid for kicked-in doors

CALGARY- Despite more than a year passing since a devastating flood tore through their town, some High River residents are still waiting for reimbursement for damage caused by RCMP officers.

In the days following the floods, Mounties kicked in the doors of hundreds of homes, saying they needed access to ensure no one was still inside. A plan was put in place to compensate those affected, but there is still a box full of claims.

Homewners are getting impatient.

“It would help if someone said ‘I know we did this, we apologize,'” says Doug Stoesz, who is still waiting for compensation. “That’s all anybody every wanted. It never happened.”

So far the town has paid out about 1,550 claims at a cost of $2.2 million. The province’s Disaster Recovery Program is expected to pick up the final tab.

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A kicked in door in High River.

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