WATCH: Commuters in Australia push train carriage to free trapped man

TORONTO – Passengers boarding a train in Australia teamed up to free a man whose leg was stuck in the gap between a train and a platform Wednesday morning.

Footage from the station shows passengers boarding the train at a subway station at Stirling near Perth, Western Australia when a fellow commuter slips and becomes trapped in the gap. Another passenger is seen quickly alerting the staff as they respond swiftly to help the man.

In order to transfer the weight of the train away from the trapped man, passengers were asked to move to one side of the train’s carriage. The plan failed to free the man, so passengers exited the train. Transperth staff then asked for volunteers to line up and push and tilt the train away from the platform.

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“We were able to move the train quite a bit,” a passenger told The West Australian. “The train moved 5-10cm on its suspension, which was enough to free his leg.”

A spokesperson for Transperth told ABC News that quick thinking prevented what could have been a horrible accident.

“Everyone sort of pitched in. It was people power that saved someone from possibly quite serious injury,” he said.

While an ambulance was called to the scene, the trapped man reportedly walked away uninjured.

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